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Thimlinde (pronounced Tim-Lin-Day) Is a young world. Or so it would seem. Nobody can say with certainty just how long Thimlinde has been around, only that roughly 100,000 years ago there was a Great Calamity unlike anything the world had ever seen. During this time, there was a massive Aethyreal storm that encompassed the globe. When the storm subsided, the world had been shattered into five continents. The only races known to have been around during the Calamity are the Ancient Elves, and the Steadfast Dwarves, along with some of the longer lived monstrous races.

More recently, the world of Thimlinde, and the city-state of Selene has been experiencing a period of prosperity and renaissance. Our story begins with a Small Group of diplomats chosen by King Lasym Excabar III to set out on a mission to reunite the world under a single banner.

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Main Page

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