Tales of Thimlinde

Tales of Thimlinde
The Story Up To Now

This story begins like many others, with a call to duty.

In recent years, a renaissance of sorts has taken place, concentrated mostly within the city-state of Selene. At the head of this modern age is the Gnomish inventor, Gire Spronk, Royal Engineer to the lord of Selene, King Lasym Excabar III. Gire’s most recent invention, the Long Range Airship is a marvel to behold. Able to hold a crew of up to 15 and fly for up to 12 hours (with the right power source), the Zephyr is the only dirigible of its kind.

King Lasym has made it clear that he wishes to use this new technology to expand his empire, though not by force. His plan is to begin reaching out to the rest of the world, unite it under one banner, and discover what may lie beyond the great sea to the west, expansive desert to the south and east, and unconquerable mountains to the north. Our adventurers all been hired aboard the Zephyr, each having their own reasons for wanting to leave what they had – or didn’t have – behind. Before the expedition is able to begin, a stronger power source must first be found. Enwund Draffolk, scholar and adviser to the king believes that they may find such a power source at the ancient Mordred’s Tower, to the west. Though previously unreachable due to the size of the ring of mountains surrounding the tower and a magical barrier preventing any kind of teleportation in, the Zephyr is the first craft able to fly above the the mountains and discover what secrets the long dead wizard’s tower may hold.

Gire reveals that his current power source should be just powerful enough to get the Zephyr to the forest within the ring of mountains, but that it won’t get much farther than that. Captain of the Zephyr, a stern but beautiful Dwarven woman by the name of Merinda agrees to fly the party of intrepid adventurers to the tower at the break of dawn the next day.

After an eventful night at the local tavern, “The Scarlet Flask” (known simply as “The Flask” by those familiar with it) our six travelers embarked on their first of many journeys together. Included in this ragtag group of strangers are:

The Half Elven Bard, and self made noble; Aranys Gendu, The Secretive and Sly Tabaxi Rogue; Kaige, Former Airship Mechanic and Mousefolk Artificer; Ashwin, The Knight Banneret and Mousefolk Fighter; Nola, Noble of House Brightwood and Tiefling Sorcerer; Zevon Brightwood, and lastly, The Mysterious and Cursed Kenku Mystic, Ting

After arriving at the outskirts of the forest surrounding the tower, the Voices of Selene managed to find their way inside without much incident (save a small encounter with a few goblins and living plants). Once inside they found a much dilapidated first floor, with little more than a rotting journal and an old Wand of Light left for them to plunder, they continued up the semi collapsed stairs to the second floor. After a brief encounter with a few more goblins who had decided to make this part of the tower their home, VOS continued up to the third, and top floor, of this tower. Upon reaching the top of the tower, which was somehow kept in perfect shape, they discovered an old Orrery, which was missing a centerpiece and with a few of the arms out of place. After digging through the library shelves for a good hour, they managed to come across a crystalline sun, which they placed in the center of the Orrery. They also found a map of the planets local to Thimlinde, and replaced the arms where they needed to go. After consulting with the old journal they discovered on the first floor, Ting realized they needed to cast a spell of Light on the centerpiece in order to move on and find the power source. Upon solving this puzzle, a grinding of stone could be heard from below, where one of the book cases had moved to reveal a secret passage way down the tower.

This passage lead down to a dungeon, where they found a Pseudo Dragon who wished to stay with the party after being freed from its cell and stasis after almost a thousand years. As they delved deeper into the dungeon, they found and fought many creatures, including animated armors, some giant lizards and darkmantles, a mimic, and eventually facing off with an ancient clay golem to earn their prize: a shard of the Fallingstar, an ancient and powerful magic relic, the power source they were seeking.

Proud and victorious, the group found their way back to the Zephyr, where Mirinda, the captain eagerly awaited their return. Holding out a Rod of Rulership, she commanded the group to present her with the shard, realizing something was amiss, Aranys and Ting remained unaffected by the rod’s influence, they fought back. Eventually the charmed members of the party won out, and Merinda held the shard in her hand, running quickly out of sight and around the cabin, she disappeared. After the party explores the captains quarters, it is revealed through a letter that Merinda was an agent of the ancient Cult of Dred, who worship the dead and evil sorcerer Mordred as a deity.

After returning from Mordred’s tower in failure, the Zephyr required maintenance and inspection, which took roughly a week. Lasym explained that the party is free to do as they please for the week, so long as they return to the aerodrome in 7 days. He told them that he had received word from Ithlonde stating that the elven nation requires aid, and that the party with be sent as soon as the Zephyr is ready. Lasym would like to send some of his personal guards, or some of Selenes soldiers, but with the growing influence of the Cult of Dred he is unable to do so. Since the Voices of Selene’s mission is diplomacy he will be sending them in stead.

Returning to the Scarlet Flask, the party finds a number of patron’s who are looking for some aid, including a member of the city’s rogues guild who is seeking out Kaige and Ting in particular, as they have their own mission. The other tasks presented to them included: saving a halfling from some Hags at faewilde lake, a park just outside of Selene, delivering a declaration of love to a servant’s previous employer’s daughter at an enchanted masquerade ball, and infiltrating an abandoned mine to retrieve an old friend’s magical mining pick and some ore.

Taking most of the week, with a little bit of outside help from a human ranger named Rune, the party manages to assist most everyone who needed help at the bar, earning them rewards in the form of potions, weapons, materials, and most importantly, gold.

After a brief confrontation with the leader of the rogues, guild, Ting cast aside his membership, opting instead to stay with his newfound companions and travel the world, even knowing that doing so would paint a target on his, and his new family’s backs.

After a long rest, and some awkward encounters between friends Aranys and Nola, the party was mostly ready to depart the city. Gire would go with them this time, much to Ashwin’s excitement to get to spend sometime with his old instructor. Kaige, realizing what staying with the party, and in company of Ting, would mean for her membership to the Scarlet Syndicate, still decides to continue on the journey laid in front of her. Lastly, Zevon decides to stay behind for a day, opting to tie up some loose ends for the arcane based organization he helps within the city.

With the repairs complete, and the party ready, they disembark to the Isle of Dorwine, home of the Ithlondian Elves.


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